We are more than minds in bodies.

 see the command  to the right

   clearly Jesus is  stating we have
a heart, mind, soul and (physical) strength.

    The is a far more comprehensive view of humanity.

Jesus said
  "Love the Lord your God
with all your heart
             and strength
Applied Redemptive Theology

    Redemptive Theology
  is the teaching or doctrine of salvation
      by God's grace through our faith in Him.

   I am proposing an application of redemptive theology.

 Applied redemptive theology:

  • gives us Hope. 
  • we have a Saviour.  I know I need a saviour.
  • There is a goal. Paul talks of running the race with a finishing line.
  • Jesus Christ has the annointing spoken in Isaiah 61  "to heal the broken hearted and set the captives free.

conviction of sin  our repentance    receiving God's forgiveness

  As survivors of sex crimes against us
we need a theology for we who were sinned against.

    One critical question - how have we responded to sex crimes being committed against us?

    What moral decisions did we make?



our hearts  were full of fear

we hid in our cave
but ...

if we open our hearts
to Jesus

His love
casts out fear.

His light shines
into our darkness.  

Are we free to make moral decisions?

       Are we created with a capacity  to make moral choices  but limited by post csa bondages?

      Can / has the Lord set us free?   

     Hypothesis - that when the Spirit of the living God  quickens our conscience 
        when bondages are broken
          when we hear His voice and respond by His grace

  right brain re experiencing can be interrupted by the activation of ones conscience
         when  I respond by God's grace and power.
    That is a miricle.
                                  as right brain experiencing is not usually controlled by the cognative mind
                                    though some may exercise such control.

               The model has  dimensions to cover all options. 
                In testifying of the goodnes of God in my life I am certainly not being prescriptive for all.
         one ought not genralise from the particular.
                 Some experience a miriculous healing.

       I felt God prompting me to pray,
                asking Him to show me one step at a time
                        to document it for others.
         there are keys
                                which are not intended to be universally prescriptive as some do.
       The kindness of God leads us to repent of our wrong moral choices
         and  walk down the path leading to life as we are released to walk in freedom and newness of life.

    There is, I suggest, recovery in Christ.

    noting recovery from csa is, as a brother in Christ said,   " a sub set of sanctification"
      a part of discipleship.

        sexual assault counselling is usefull
        narrative therapy is usefull until I found myself going round the same merry go round. 
        trauma release therapies brought improvement  / increased functionality
                        I found they worked best with prayers  and faith towards God.  .

    It all makes far more sense  in Christ.
    In Christ we have a goal set before us.

    In Christ we are not alone

     We have the comfort of the scriptures and the power of the Holy Spirit.
      He leads me along my road of recovery.
         so many times I experienced abandonment   eg "I can't help you"
                                                                                 or my therapist got a position outside of the support service
                                                                                 or my councellor retired
                                                                                 the programme was discontinued
                                                                                 the helpline phone was engaged
                                                                                 or in appropriate therapies were imposed
                                                                                 members left the forum  or it went quite.
                                                                                 psychology surveys limited responses to
                                                                                      chosing between the 5 responses set by the researcher
                                                                                       and none of them were a match of my lived experience.

         He came to me in my aloneness.

         He gave me strength and resolve with fresh hope to continue.

                  I have used, and use every therapy mentioned and more.
              basically having an interdisciplinary team God has provided.

        I can't do it alone.
        My Pastor has a role to play.    ( actually Pastors and Chaplains)
  I guess the bottom line is only God is all knowing and all powerfull.

   As humans we have limitations.   


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